Advantages of a Biometric Attendance System?

Biometrics have offered a scalable solution to business owners who are presently enabled to bypass issues like undocumented unregistered access, ID swapping, identity replacements, manual identification checks and more.

Biometric systems are advancing into working environments in both high security and general public industries. From fingerprint & face timekeeping to hand print computer access, implementing a biometric attendance system can help save businesses thousands of dollars every year in time saved during payroll and in time theft.

There have been many advancements in the field of biometrics, which means things are more reliable and costs are down. Biometrics offer abnormal state ID administration security operations that have a few advantages over traditional means and now they are available to you at lower costs.

Consider these advantages to using a biometric attendance system and ask whether it’s right for your organization.

  • Accurate Identification with Biometrics Solution

Traditional security systems are dependent on passwords, smart cards or personal identification numbers (PINs). If you have set up the system correctly, you can achieve a high level of accuracy with biometrics systems, you can use biological characteristics like fingerprints and face scans, which offer you unique and accurate identification methods. These features can’t be easily duplicated, which means only the authorized person gets access and you get high level of security.

  • Accountability

Biometric log-ins mean a person can be directly connected to a specific action or an event. Or we can say that, biometrics creates a clear, definable audit trail of transactions or activities. This is particularly helpful in case of security breaches because you know exactly who is responsible for it. As a result you get true and complete accountability, which can’t be copied.

  • Time Saving that less Time Spent During Payroll

Biometric identification is extremely fast, which is another advantage it has over other traditional security techniques. A person can be identified or rejected in a matter of seconds. Biometric attendance systems are instantaneously recorded and signed into a time and attendance system, we can quickly identify missed punches and fix timekeeping issues before it’s submitted to payroll. For those entrepreneurs that understand the value of time management the use of this technology can only be beneficial to your office revenue by increasing productivity and reducing costs by eliminating fraud and waste.

  • User Friendly Systems

The good thing about using biometrics for identification is that modern systems are built and designed to be easy and safe to use. Biometrics technology gives you accurate outcomes with negligible invasiveness as a simple scan or a photograph is normally all that is required. In addition the software and hardware can be effectively utilized and you can have them installed without the need for excessive training.             

You can have biometrics systems installed rather easily and after that, they carry out their job quickly, consistently and reliably. You will require just a base training to get the system operational and there is no requirement for costly secret key managers. If you use high quality systems, it will also mean your maintenance costs are reduced to minimize the expenses of maintaining current system.

  • Security

Biometrics systems can’t be guessed or stolen; hence they will be a long term security solution for your organization. The problem with efficient password systems is that there is frequently a grouping of numbers, symbols, and letters, which makes them difficult to remember. The problem with tokens is that they can be easily stolen or lost, both these traditional methods involve the risk of things being shared. Accordingly you can’t ever be really sure as to who the real user is. However that was not be the situation with biometric characteristics, and you won’t need to manage the problem of fraud, duplication or sharing.

  • Convenience in Use

It’s considered to be a helpful security solution because you don’t have to remember passwords, documents, ID cards, or carry extra badges. You are definitely saved the problem of having to remember passwords frequently or changing cards and badges. People forget passwords and ID cards are lost, which can be a huge trouble with traditional security techniques.

  • Biometrics systems quite flexible and easily scalable

There are different types of biometrics devices available today and they can be used for different applications. They can be used by companies at security checkpoints including doorways, entrances, exits, and more. Besides you can make the most out of the biometric solutions for choose who can get to specific systems and networks. Organizations can also use them to monitor employee time and attendance, which raises accountability.

  • Reduction in Time Theft

Time theft can eat up to 5% of a company’s payroll costs and with other attendance systems, it’s difficult to keep these losses. Employees can just hand their badge off to a colleague to keep checking in late from lunch or punch in from their phone or another computer terminal to leave a few minutes earlier. While these types of time theft seem innocuous, they include quickly and can cost organizations thousands to millions annually. Biometric attendance systems eliminate buddy punching and time theft by requiring each employee be at their specified work-site to punch in. Nobody can take or fake a fingerprint and with specific terminals to check in and out, there’s no way of leaving early. Biometric attendance systems are one of the most ideal approaches to wipe out time theft in your organization.

  • Nothing to Lose 

Many organizations are still using badges or cards to log employee time. While this is a great idea in theory, in practice cards are lost, badges are misplaced, and HR invests more time reissuing timekeeping devices than actually using the system. With each lost badge, not only does the business lose money and time they also put there security at risk. With a biometric attendance system, there’s no need to worry about loss.

A biometric attendance system is a great way for employers to ensure attendance, spend less time, and reduce time theft and money maintaining their timekeeping system. With simple set up and no need to reset or issue new tracking devices, HR can save time usually spent on maintenance of the system.


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